Hack It! – No AV cable No problem

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Yes right, no problem. I join to those who say that AV cable is versatile display connection. It makes your Raspberry Pi can be played anywhere. On home TV, in-car TV, hotel TV, i mean any TV even old CRT model. The default connection is provided by AV port with the use of TRRS cable. Compatible TRRS cable (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) should follow Left-Right-Ground-Video sequence, other than that no video nor sound will come out from Raspberry Pi. To find the TRRS cable following that sequence may not be easy. But worry not, Raspberry Pi is hack-able hardware too. We can use the pads at the reverse side of the board as the substitute of the AV port. The pads i meant are:

  • PP24 Composite Video
  • PP25 L Audio
  • PP26 R Audio
  • PP6 GND
Check these pads

Here’s what you need to prepare to create USB AV port that could cost less than 2 USD and 1 hr or less to make:

  1. 1x USB Type A Female
  2. 1x USB Type A Male
  3. RCA cable with 3 ends (Yellow, Red and White) – from old DVD player
  4. PCB protoboard – from leftovers
  5. Cables – from leftovers
  6. Glue gun (optional)

Part 1. Make USB end for RCA cable

  1. Cut the RCA cable to desired length and peel the each cable (Yellow, Red and White) to expose the copper of the positive and ground part.
  2. Solder the peeled cable to the USB male plug connector. Each cable to each pin. Remember the sequence between Video (Yellow), Right-Audio(Red) and Left-Audio(White) in the pin. Then connect all grounds of each cable to the last pin.
  3. Secure the soldering with glue gun
Fig 1. Schema RCA cables to USB
Fig 2. This is example of my work. An USB RCA cable

Part 2. Make USB Port for AV for Raspberry Pi

  1. Put the USB Female plug on the PCB protoboard and solder it to fix the position
  2. Cut four cables and solder it to the each USB pin. Tips. Plug the USB A Male to the Female for easy cable tracking
Fig 3. Full schema

Part 3. Connect the cable to Raspberry Pi pads

Solder Red cable from USB Female to PP26 pad, White cable to PP25, Yellow cable to PP24 and GND to PP6 pad. Here is example of my work.

Fig 4. Example of my work

Once finished, we have additional USB port for AV connection.

Fig 5. one more USB port, for AV

So that is all, hope this is useful.

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